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Scottish Deerhound is originated from United Kingdom but Alaunt is originated from Afghanistan. Both Scottish Deerhound and Alaunt are having almost same height. Scottish Deerhound may weigh 18 kg / 39 pounds lesser than Alaunt. Scottish Deerhound may live 3 years less than Alaunt. Scottish Deerhound may have more litter size than Alaunt An Alaunt in the house always gives you that added comfort that if something goes down, there is a monster leading the defensive. He has a better sense of sound than you, a better sense of smell than you, is more suspicious than you, and faster than you every time

The Alaunt is an extinct type of dog which came in different forms, with the original possibly having existed in North Caucasus, Central Asia and Europe from ancient times. This type of dog may have been developed by the Alans was well renowned primarily for its quality as a large-game catch dog , and as a war dog and guard dog Alaunt - středověký psí silák, který dal základ mastinovi i cane corso. 25. 9. 2020 - 17:12. Jméno alaunt neslo psí plemeno, či možná přesněji typ psa, který byl velmi rozšířený ve středověké Evropě. Dnes jsou tito dávní psí siláci vyhynulí, zanechali ale svou stopu v kultuře, a navíc byli pravděpodobně předky. A Scottish soldier by the name of Captain Graham recreated the breed using the deerhound, the mastiff, the Great Dane (German mastiff, which probably a very close relative of the wolfhound), and the borzoi. The Alaunt Butchers was the ancestor of the bulldog and its relations. The Alaunt Gentil eventually evolved in the Alaunt Veantre. The lightest type was the Alaunt Gentil, a greyhound-like dog, which eventually, alongside the bloodhound-esque Alaunt Veantre, became assimilated into the local hunting breeds. The heavier mastiff variety, known as the Alaunt de Boucherie, was crucial is the development of the fighting and baiting dogs of France The Alaunt is an extinct breed of dog, with the original breed having existed in central Asia and Europe from ancient times through the 17th century.The Alaunt breed had three distinct phenotypes: Alaunt Veantre, Alaunt Boucherie and the Alaunt Gentile. They all were large, short coated dogs of varying head-types

Alaunt Alaunt Photo #1 Overview. The Alaunt is an extinct dog breed. The original breed existed in Europe, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. The original Alaunts closely resembled Mastiffs. In France, three distinct breeds of the Alaunt existed. They include Alaunt Boucherie, Alaunt Veantre, and the Alaunt Gentile. They were large and had short coats Alaunt. The Alaunt was bred by the Alani until the 17th century. The Alani were an Iranian nomadic pastoral people who were excellent warriors, herdsmen, and breeders of dogs. Subsequently, The Blue Paul was a Scottish breed that became extinct in the early 20th century The Alaunt de Boucherie (Alaunt Butchers as it was known in English) was the dog that worked free roaming cattle and half-wild swine and also guarded small estates. It was a dog of the common people in England, France, the Low Countries, and the German-speaking world Evolution's Griz next to his 9 month old son, Evolution's Barricade. Alaunts are powerful protection dogs. An Evolution Alaunt male typically weighs 130 poun..

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The Alaunt dog was also known as Alano, Alangu, Alao, and Alaunt de Boucherie. This breed is believed to be developed by the Alans as a large-game catch dog, guard dog, and war dog. They used to have brindle spots or patterns on their body. Alaunt dogs became extinct around the 17th century The alaunt was a powerfully built dog, shown in contemporary 868 | SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND, 1998 TABLE 2 Summary of dog shoulder heights Site Shoulder height (cm) based on: Humerus Radius Ulna Femur Tibia Perth PHSE: 'Messan' skeleton 234 Bow-legged skeleton 391 Others 31.3-58.7 34.4-60.5 32.6-54.6 25.4-57.4 24.7-57.2 Canal Street I. Alaunt. This breed existed from ancient times as of the 17th Century in Central Asia and Europe. It's said that it was a mix between an Irish Wolfhound, a Scottish Wolfhound, and the Greyhound. Images of the animal were recognized in 17th century paintings and jewelry The breed was very popular in Scotland in the mid 19th century, but it progressively lost popularity and is believed to have become extinct in the early 20th century. Description Appearance. The Blue Paul Terrier weighed around 45 lb (20 kg), sources vary about its height, some state it stood around 14 in (36 cm) at the shoulder, others as tall. Weight of the Alaunt variates and it depended from dog to dog. The average weight of this breed was 20-68kg. While their height was 56-85cm. Females were slightly smaller with an average weight of 16-60kg, with a height of 50-80cm. A lifespan of Alaunt was 10-12 years. Litter Size of an average Alaunt was 6-10 puppies

Scottish Deerhound Catahoula Leopard Dog Rhodesian Ridgeback Bandog Great Dane Boxer Ca de Bou Dogue Brasileiro Alaunt Dogue de Bordeaux Bullmastiff Boerboel Presa Canario Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Lurchers & Longdogs Olde English Bulldogs Italian Mastiffs BullArab British Terriers American Pit Bull Terrier. The Alaunt has been recreated since the early 90's, for more information please see the following Facebook pages, The World Alaunt page, Alaunt and Alano information and the Scottish Alaunt. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service A tough little hunter of fox and otter, the Cairnland is thought to hail from Scotland. Alaunt . Alaunt is an extinct breed that existed 3000 years ago since 300 years ago. They were very popular dogs and people used them for many different tasks. They were a perfect working dog, but also they were used for wars and many other situations Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog : Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Alão, Alano White Kazbegi, Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Boucherie, Alano Mastins, Lebrels, Ayuda, Presa, Ossetians : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995 as a Herding breed. Not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Molosser - Group 2. Molossers that are not bred true to mountain type, regardless of the age and country of their origin. These are the Molossers that are a product of both breedings away from the Mountain type and crossing Molosser breeds with non-Molosser breeds, resulting in the various Bull breeds, Hounds, Guardians, etc. The Master of Game distinguishes between the noble alaunt and the butcher's alaunt,8 and if this dog were not simply a particular type of greyhound, it may have been the result of a noble alaunt-greyhound cross, which ideally would have increased its size, its strength, and the power of its jaws while improving its temperament Alaunt gentil měl tělesnou konstituci a vzezření chrta, avšak jeho hlava byla krátká a velká, jeho oči malé a slechy vztyčené, obvykle krácené, píše Phoebus. Zřejmě tento typ zastupoval skupinu starých štváčů dnes představované plemenem španělský alano. Alaunt veautre bývá uvažován jako nejbližší předek.

Deerhound Bred Brindle Lurcher Puppies. Bratton Fleming, Devon. £500. £950. Deerhound bred Brindle lurcher puppies Beautiful litter of brindle lurcher puppies for sale there are 3 boys and 2 girls still available there mum is sulki x... preloved.co.uk. Report The image of the hound continued to be an important motif well into Christian times, in Scotland we find Greyhounds depicted in hunt scenes on Class III Pictish stones of Scotland such as the Hilton of Cadboll and Aberlemno stones. The Book of Kells contains many images of dogs, apparently both of hound and alaunt type. Many of the Kells images. Fenrunna Boo male alaunt in the UK. Saved by The Fenland. El Alaunt o Alano es un perro con cabeza grande, orejas caídas y patas fuertes y su característica más destacada es que cuando hacía presa con sus potentes mandíbulas no la soltaba. Era un perro de defensa de talla notable, cabeza grande y unos larguísimos dientes que se utilizaban también para la lucha contra toros. Alaunt Veantre

If your Alaunt has diarrhea, you will need to observe your dog on a daily basis. And if he looks down, if he has a fever, if he seems to have a stomachache, if there is blood in his stool and if the diarrhea does not go down after 2 days (with a small diet), then do not wait and show it quickly to a vet Scottish Deerhound best food - Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food. Excellent value for money. And yes, it is a fact that while some people chose these croquettes above all for their price, they still continue because their Scottish Deerhound hair is now softer and more shiny, because the health of their Scottish Deerhound is perfect and trouble-free ALAUNT (Kavkaz Alaunt, Caucasian Alaunt, Alan Dogge, Persian Alaunt, Continental Alaunt, English Alaunt, French Alaunt, Spanish Alaunt, Alan Dog, Arnaut Dogge) SCOTTISH BULLTERRIER (Blue Paul, Scottish Pit Bull, Blue Poll Bulldog, Blue-n-tan Terrier, Scotty Bull,. Alano Espanol, also known as the Spanish bulldog are a large dog of the molosser type, originating in Spain. With a large strong head, males should be no smaller than 60cm at the withers and should weigh 35-45kg with females somewhat smaller. No record or history of health issues in the breed The Bullmastiff is an intelligent, brave, affectionate, and highly loyal dog. The Bullmastiff was bred in England from bulldogs and the Old English Mastiff in the 1860s to help gamekeepers protect.

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The Alaunt dog breed is mainly documented in the history of French and Spanish regions. It is important to gather some Alaunt breed information before you make a decision to buy it The Tosa (土佐, also called the Tosa Inu, Tosa-Ken or Japanese Mastiff) is a breed of dog of Japanese origin that is considered rare. It was originally bred in Tosa (present day Kōchi) as a fighting dog and still is today.The Bully Kutta also known as Beast of East is a breed of large-sized working dog that originated in undivided Sindh,of India and Pakistan, dating back to 16th century

The Doberman (Also nicknamed Dobies) was first bred in Germany as a companion and protector for a tax collector. However it has since been used as a working dog everywhere from police forces to junkyards to private homes and businesses. They are very versatile as pets and Dobermans are known to be adaptive to a broad range of family sizes. Freeads.co.uk: Find Mastiffs Puppies & Dogs for sale in Scotland at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. Buy and Sell Mastiffs Puppies & Dogs in Scotland with Freeads Classifieds

The bulldog alaunt was heavier again and and looked more like a mastif. The other important aspect of the alaunt was its temperament. The quarry pursued by hunters of the middle ages and later was large and dangerous. Wild boar, bear and wolf were particularly fierce and the alaunt needed to be fearless and aggressive when it came to the kill Aldridge Alaunt . Aldridge Alaunt : Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold . Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold : Aldridge Ardent Arlene : Barjo Futuristic Of Bronorn : Kilbarchan Scottish Laird Of Ringablok . Kilbarchan Scottish Laird Of Ringablok : Dewrie Red Rose : Ocobo Temptation At Bewley : Ocobo Truly Royal . Ocobo Truly Royal : Ch Quintic Amos Of Ocobo. Alaunt Alopekis Alpine Dachsbracke Alsatian Shepalute American Akita American Bulldog American Cocker Spaniel American Eskimo Dog American Foxhound Scotch Collie Scottish Deerhound Scottish Terrier Sealyham Terrier Segugio Italiano Seppala Siberian Sleddog Serbian Hound Serbian Tricolour Hound Shar Pei Shetland Sheepdo The English Mastiff is believed to have descended from the Alaunt, an extinct dog breed. This giant dog has a distinct black muzzle and smallish ears. The Scottish Deerhound is slightly smaller than the Irish Wolfhound and is related to the Greyhound. This dog breed was originally used for hunting the Red Deer The Polynesian Triangle ( Hobe / Wikipedia.org) A 'Polynesian Dog' is a general term for the four extinct dogs of Polynesia, including the Kurī, the Hawaiian Poi dog, the Tahitian Dog and the Marquesan Dog. Of course, other Polynesian breeds did exist, but these are the four most well-known and documented

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Wasn't it Plummer who tried to recreate the Alaunt years ago ? There were lads around the Scottish Borders bred a few, I remember Scotsman who was a member on here had a nice dog called Zeus, I remember seeing it at a show in Bedlington. Cheers The Alaunt was bred and formed by the Alani tribes, Kavkaz nomads of Indo-Iranian ancestry, who were known as superb warriors, herdsmen and breeders of horses and dogs. The Alans bred their dogs for work and had developed different strains within the breed for specific duties. The Alaunt's primary ancestors are the dogs of the Caucasus and.


Alaunt . Initially bred by an Iranian nomadic tribe, the Alani, the Alaunt existed in Asia and Europe, where it was used as a working dog. Later on, several different strains developed among the breed. Slender Alaunts were used for hunting, while larger Alaunts were used for bull-baiting. Regardless of size, all Alaunts had short but dense coats The Scottish Deerhound, or simply the Deerhound, is a large breed of hound. The original purpose of the Scottish Deerhound dog breed was to hunt and bring down the Scottish roe deer. The Scottish Deerhound is a gentle and well-mannered dog. The noble Scottish Deerhound is a giant breed who loves to run and equally loves spending time with his. THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER ORIGINS By Mariano Peinado. What always it has been an absolute priority for all the breeders of authentic American Pit Bull Terrier, since this breed dog was originated 500 years ago, the selection went from A. P. B. T. with good disposition toward the human being, eliminating radically of the breeding to all those animals that showed the most minimum gesture of. Send us a message and we'll be in touch. Petcover will only use the information provided in relation to your request and personal information will be processed based on legitimate purposes only

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Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Alaunt 2 found (18 total) alternate case: alaunt Pilgrim (Douglass novel) (2,050 words) exact match in snippet view article for. They survive to find all the others in the party destroyed and the Alaunt further ahead after running from the horror. Zared's army travels toward Many different branches split from the Alaunt such as the Boerboel, Dogue de Bordeaux, the Uruguayan dog, the Cordoban Fighting dog, the Fila Braziliano, the Preza Canario etc. To determine which line is directly descended from the Alaunt is easy, one only need to trace the dog that best stuck to its original purpose.and that is the APBT Alaunt heritage was thought to be responsible for the piebald pattern in early Mastiffs. The best information on medieval dog development comes from Gaston III, Count of Foix and Béarn, called Phoebus. His Livre de Chasse, written between 1387 and 1389, describes three distinct types. Most valuable was the light, fast Alaunt Gentil

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  2. Alternative form of alaunt. AVANT • avant n. (obsolete) The front of an army; the vanguard. • Avant prop.n. A surname. BRANT • brant n. (Canada, US) Any of several wild geese, of the genus Branta, that breed in the Arctic, but especially • brant adj. (dialectal) Steep, precipitous. • brant adj. (Scotland) smooth; unwrinkled. CHANT.
  3. Pursuivant appointed for service on the Scottish border and attached to the Governor of Berwick. Occurs frequently from time of Edward IV to Elizabeth I. Bien Alaunt Pursuivant. In reign of Henry VI was sent by the Earl of Warwick from Calais to Ostend to secure the release from prison of Thomas Desseforde, vintner (H. of N.)
  4. The star of my latest release, Wild Viking Princess, is Thor, an alaunt gentil. The following information about the breed comes from the webpage of the British Alaunt Society. The Alaunt was bred and formed by the Alani tribes, Kavkaz nomads of Indo-Iranian ancestry, who were known as superb warriors, herdsmen and breeders of horses and dogs
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Sniffing for Fresh Dog Food Delivery? PetPlate delivers nutritious dog food in convenient pre-portioned cups. Designed by vets, made by chefs, loved by dogs 1. Today's Mastiff descended from the ancient Alaunt and Molosser dogs. There is evidence that Mastiff-like dogs lived in the mountains of Asia, dating back almost 4,500 years to 2,500 B.C.E. The Paisley Terrier was a breed of terrier type dog that is now extinct. Originating in Scotland, the Paisley Terrier was bred primarily as a pet and showdog version of the Skye Terrier, and was the progenitor of today's Yorkshire Terrier. The breed was called the Paisley terrier since most of the dogs came from that location, but it was also called the Clydesdale Terrier, for another location.

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Petcover Breeder Partner Program - Terms & Conditions. For breeders setting up 6 Week Introductory Insurance policies. This introductory insurance cover facility is offered in good faith to help breeders ensure that the puppies & kittens they breed have the best start in life with their new owners in their new homes Rocky - 10 month old male Sarplaninac (Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog) Cross. This stunning boy is Rocky, a 10 month old male Sarplaninac (Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog) Cross. He is a typical pup but with three legs; but this doesnt stop him doing anything. Rocky weighs 22kg, but wont grow very much more,. Read More Heraldic Titles Derived from Locations. Locative heraldic titles have several independent origins. Many are derived from titles of nobility. Heralds who work for nobles rather than the crown often follow this pattern: Huntingdon Herald serves the Earl of Huntingdon while the Bar Herald serves the Duke of Bar. Royal titles, especially royal duchies, are an important source of herald's titles in. Model: S25##1047 Dog Collar with Plates. Alauntbull is an extinct dog breed. But our specialists know how to choose a proper dog accessory for your rare dog. You can choose any dog. supply for walking, training, sport, shows for any dog. We have special discounts for kennels & dog trainers The Alaunt is an extinct dog breed that lived throughout Europe and Central Asia in ancient times. They were bred to work in a variety of capacities by Sarmatian nomads. They had large, stout bodies similar to the Great Dane and were revered for their strength and precision. Unfortunately, they became extinct in the 17 th century

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  3. Entries with midleap alaunt: 2011, Ed Judah, The Lion Wakes, page 65: There was a streak through the grass, a fast-moving brindle arrow, rough-haired and uncombed.It struck the flank of the alaunt i

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  1. I had a British Alaunt, a Mastiff dog, who was black as a puppy, but who developed beautiful gold brindle stripes as he aged. We live in a military town, so we said he earned his stripes as he aged. When we put him down due to cancer, his body stayed on base until the funeral home got him. We said his soldiers were protecting him in death
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Allgemein Stammbaum der Hunderassen 1 anis Lupus (Wolf) 2 Collie 3 Persian Sheepdog 4 Canis Lupus F. Familiaris (Matris Optime) 5 Canis Lupus F. Familiaris (Intermedius) 6 Canis Lupus F. Familiaris (Leiner) 7 Canis Lupus F. Familiaris (Inostranzewi) 8 Australischer Schäferhund 9 Bearded Collie 10 Deutscher Schäferhund 11 Bobtail 12 Briard 13 Samojede 14 Lhas The items listed below aren't errors - they're just warnings. Perchance generates warnings when it detects code in your editor panel that looks like it may be a mistake, but which is technically not erroneous - that is, it's valid Perchance syntax, but it's unusual code and so might have been an accident on your part Harrier varieties were popular in medieval England and later in the United States during colonial times. This breed height is about 19 to 21 inches and weigh between 25 and 27 kgs. The Harrier is a healthy and active dog breed with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. 225

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  1. Freeads.co.uk: Find Bullmastiffs for sale in Wales at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. Buy and Sell Bullmastiffs Puppies & Dogs in Wales with Freeads Classifieds
  2. AMERICAN ALAUNT (American Alaunt Dog) AMERICAN BOXER AMERICAN BULLDOG AMERICAN BULLEN-BOXER (Bullen-Boxer) AMERICAN BULLMASTIFF AMERICAN BULL RIDGEBACK (Bearded Scottish Sheepdog, Beardie, Bearded Scotch Collie) BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOG a) Malinois b) Tervueren c) Groenedoel d) Laekenoi
  3. British Alaunt‎ (5 F) E Dog breeds originating in England‎ (58 C, 1 F) S Dog breeds originating in Scotland‎ (17 C)
  4. The Alaunt was almost certainly a type of Owtcharka, a group of giant and aggressive livestock guarding breeds native to the Caucasus Mountains. Many experts believe that the Alaunt was a brachycephalic breed and was crossed with guard dogs across Western Europe, passing that trait on to them
  5. The reality is, the alaunt or mastiff, as a gladiator dog in 550 BC, was meek with bulls but a fighter of tigers long before these dogs entered into Europe. This is the quality we look for in the WEB and the quality Colby described in his best dogs. war with and rule the Scottish and Irish, (where the Celtic 'diehards' lived), for hundreds.

Pages in category en:Dogs The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 232 total. (previous page) ( 30 BABY CALVES. This advert is located in and around. Shaftesbury, Dorset. We have for sale around 30, baby calves of various different breed, including hereford, angus & blues, natives have named sires, 1 months of age. Males and females. Favourite this Advert. 6 days ago Dogs have been selectively bred for thousands of years, sometimes by inbreeding dogs from the same ancestral lines, sometimes by mixing dogs from very different lines. The process continues today, resulting in a widening in appearance without speciation, from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane.. The following list uses a wide interpretation of breed. Breeds are usually categorized by the.

The books two hundred and thirty pages contain twenty one detailed and wellResearched Chapters: Origin of the Dog The Mastiff Type The British Mastiff The Alan or Alaunt The Bandog or Mastiff The English Mastiff The Mastiff in Henry V's Reign In Elizabeth's Reign The Mastiff for Baiting Purposes The Mastiff in the 18th Century In the 19th. Dog Breed Size Images Temperament and Life Expectancy Page 13. The Kintamani is a dog breed native to the Indonesian island of Bali. The The Karakachan dog is a descendant of the ancient Balkan domestic dogs probably since At PetPlate, we don't make dog food. We make food for dogs. Our meals are made with high-quality, human-grade, whole food ingredients, which are more bio-available than fillers and other low-quality ingredients. We prep and cook our meals in USDA kitchens, the same way human food is made. Every meal is hot-filled to ensure safety and flash.

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  1. Your Scottish Deerhound Primer; Deerhound Character; Lure-bite: Deerhounds & lure coursing; Arrianus, De Lange Jacht En Lurecoursing (English) waarmee hij telkens weer verwant is door het scheppen van de alaunt, vautre, lurcher en andere. Vaak gebruikt als solojager voor de materiële jacht van herdersvolken, is hij in de recente.
  2. One beautiful bitch left out of a litter of 10. This girl was the runt and although both her parents are working dogs I believe she will fit best in a pet home. Mother is Alaunt x Bull Grey and Father is Bull Grey Saluki. Both parents are 100% around children, livestock and other dogs. Ready to leave now but she must go to a 5* home onl
  3. A breed of dog or canine race is a group of dogs that have very similar or almost identical characteristics in their aspect or behavior or generally in both, mainly because come from a select system of ancestors that had the same characteristics
  4. Amtliche Registrierung. Hinweis: Alle Halterdaten müssen mit dem amtlichen Melderegister übereinstimmen! Vergleichen Sie die Schreibweise von Vor- und Zuname, und Ihrem Geburtsdatum mit einem Lichtbildausweis! Geburtsdatum des Tierhalters: (Format: 05.07.1983) Ausweis Typ: Führerschein Pass Personalausweis Schülerausweis Studentenausweis.

Dieter says to you, Scots.. kilts.. Morven considers Trevyn's thighs. Morven lowers her gaze to Trevyn's calves. You gently curl your slender hands near your heart, It just warms me to the core to know that they care so... intimately for their precious herds. You twitch your pouting lips helplessly Alaunt Extinct breed of dog, with the original breed having existed in North Caucasus, Central Asia and Europe from ancient times through the 17th century. In France, the Alaunt breed had three distinct types: the Alaunt Veantre, Alaunt Boucherie and Alaunt Gentile

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The Scottish Terrier (Scottish Gaelic: Abhag Albannach; also known as the Aberdeen Terrier), popularly called the Scottie, is a breed of dog.Initially one of the highland breeds of terrier that were grouped under the name of Skye Terrier, it is one of five breeds of terrier that originated in Scotland, the other four being the modern Skye. The Toy Bulldog is an extinct dog breed that existed in England during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Breeders were working in two different directions to create this breed. One was to downsize the Bulldog. This was not very successful due to complications with breeding sub-regular size dogs of this breed together. The dwarf size Bulldog puppies were and still are occasionally born out of. Pedigree Online's dog pedigree database is the largest collection of dog pedigrees from around the world. Get started finding pedigree and ancestry information for any dog in our database by entering the dog's name in the header search form scottish deerhound foxhound bloodhound golden retriever scottish terrier cairn terrier west highland white terrier danoie dinmont terrier smooth-haired fox terrier alaunt* kuvasz great pyrenees mastiff puli[puli] talhund* newfoundland dog alano dogue de bordeaux* brabanter* st. bernard bulldog boxer bouvier des flandre

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The Pitbull Mastiff is a tough-looking, massive dog that is perfect for families that require the protection of a true-blue guard dog while retaining the gentle and biddable nature of its purebred parents. While it may be gentle, make no mistake, this is one designer dog breed that is not for sissies or those who are relatively new to pet parenting

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